About Sasashima TPA


The Sasashima Live 24 Town Planning Association (Sasashima TPA) is a town development organization founded in July 2004 by the land owners of the Sasashima Live area.

In June 2007, Sasashima TPA formulated the “Sasashima Live 24 Area Management Policy” that established the land use policy and construction rules, and is promoting the creation of a unified landscape, as well as the improvement of regional value through area management activities.

On October 7, 2017, we held a “Machibiraki” event in line with the opening of our core facility, Global Gate, and in February 2019 we became a“general incorporated association”aiming to further strengthen our activities.

In Sasashima Live, a variety of entities including businesses, a TV station, a university and local administration offices work together to establish a hub of international interaction and hospitality. October 2017, marks the grand opening of the town. Please visit and witness the making of a town that grows in diversity.


Aichi University(Chairman and Executive Office)
Japan International Cooperation Agency Chubu International Center
Zepp Hall Network Inc.
Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Executive Vice Chairman)
Tsukada Global Horldings Inc.(Auditor)
Tokyu Land Corporation
City of Nagoya
Nagoya Rinkai Rapid Transit Co.,Ltd(Auditor)
AXA Real Estate Investment Managers Japan KK
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank,Limited(Executive Vice Chairman)
Japan Post Co., Ltd.

History of Sasashima Live

February, 1937Sasashima Cargo Station opens.
October, 1986Sasashima Cargo Station closes.
August, 1999Plans for Sasashima Live 24 Land Readjustment Project are decided.
July, 2004Sasashima Live 24 Town Planning Association is formed.
October, 2004Sasashima Raibu station on the Aonami Line opens.
March, 2005La Vamo Sasashima (currently called Market Square Sasashima) opens.
March, 2005Zepp Ngoya opens.
March to September, 2005Serves as a satellite venue for EXPO 2005 AICHI JAPAN.
June, 2007Sasashima Live 24 Area Management Policy is formulated.
June, 2009JICA Chubu International Center opens.
July, 2009Regular cleaning begins.
April, 2012Aichi University Nagoya Campus opens.
March, 2015Royal Parks ER Sasashima opens.
January, 2016The Art Grace opens.
November, 2016New head office of Chukyo TV opens.
April, 2017Office zone of Global Gate opens.
April, 2017Main building (research building) and Hall of Aichi University Nagoya Campus open.
April, 2017Pedestrian deck opens.
April, 2017Open square under highway at Ichigo park opens.
September, 2017Shuttle bus pilot program is scheduled to begin.
October, 2017All zones of Global Gate are scheduled to open.
October, 2017Sasashima Live town opening event “Global Days 2017” is scheduled.
February, 2020Establishment of Sasashima TPA
October, 20225th Aniversary